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Efrat, Chris and Emma

Helen was recommended to us by a friend as being an approachable, efficient and great realtor to work with, and she was definitely all that and more!  We are so happy that we decided to go with her to sell our condo.  She was always available, generous and flexible with her time, and worked very hard and with incredible patience and stamina through all the (sometimes difficult) steps of the negotiations, at all times of the day and night.  She explained everything to us very clearly, and we feel we had very good communication with her.  Helen was not high-pressure, was very respectful of us, and was always pleasant to meet and talk with.  Thank you Helen!


Maureen and George Godfrey

Helen Gao is an exceptional realtor. She is extraordinarily efficient, professional, knowledgable, and effective. Helen has a team to help you present your house in the best possible way and does so with minimum disruption to you and your family. Our house sold quickly at a price which thrilled us! We could not have been more satisfied with the entire process. Helen is unreservedly the best realtor we have ever had and I highly recommend her as a realtor. 

Helen  Gao 是个出类拔萃的经纪,她做事相当有效率、专业、博学、及充满精力。Helen有个紧密合作的团队,能以最不麻烦卖家的方式,让您的物业以最好的方式呈现给买家,我们的房子很快的就以令人兴奋无比的高价售出,这整个过程都让我们满意到极点。毫无疑问的,Helen是我们合作过最棒的经纪,强烈推荐给您。

Rex & Joanne McLennan

We recently engaged Helen Gao to list our west side Point Grey property.  Through Helen's superb marketing efforts we were swiftly receiving serious interest from well matched potential buyers.  A short time after, we connected with the ideal buyer and our property sold with terms that met all of our objectives.  Her market knowledge, professional, pragmatic approach and attention to detail - both in marketing strategy and dealing with clients - is most impressive and produced a great outcome.   We were so impressed with Helen that we engaged her to sell another of our properties - a Yaletown False Creek waterfront condo - which she accurately assessed for value and sold within our expected timeline and price expectations.  We then engaged Helen's assistance to purchase another west side condominium.  She carefully selected a short list of properties that perfectly met our objectives; offered thoughtful advice on value and pricing strategy which led to a well priced transaction.  Having recently worked with Helen on three separate transactions we feel very confident in recommending Helen Gao - she is a joy to work with !     

近日我和我太太委托Helen Gao来挂牌出售我位于温哥华西区Point Grey的物业,透过她超群的行销能力, 在很短的时间内,许多有诚意且条件符合的潜在买家表示了购买意愿,随即以符合我们的目标售价卖出。Helen 洞悉市场动向,专业高效能的做事态度,以及精品客制化的行销策略及沟通技巧都让我们留下深刻的印象 ,也达到最好的成果。

有鉴于上次美好的合作经验,我们再度委托Helen挂牌出售另一个位于Yaletown 福溪海景公寓,同样的,她精准的开价,再度以最短的时间为我们赢得超乎预期的卖价。之后我们再委任Helen协助购买西区的公寓,她仔细依照我们的需求,筛选适合的物业,提供独特的见解和专业参考意见,采取有效的出价策略,帮我们买到物超所值的理想物业。

 接連三次和Helen買賣的經驗,無論出售或購買物業,我們非常有信心的推薦Helen Gao,和她合作太愉快了

Kira Lynn

Having bought and sold five properties over the years, I have had a fair amount of experience working with realtors. This year I hired Helen Gao to sell my father's house, and was extremely impressed by her services. She is the epitome of professionalism and efficiency. Helen is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and motivated. The house sold in less than a week for considerably more than we were asking. I could not be happier with Helen's work. I will definitely be hiring her the next time I move, and would recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding realtor.

这些年来,我历经过五次的房屋买卖,也积累了一定程度与不同经纪合作的经验。就在今年我委托Helen来协助出售我父亲的物业,她提供的服务令我相当满意。她是专业与效率的化身,Helen 见识相当广、个性又好、做事又积极。我父亲的房子在上市不到一星期,以超乎我们叫价很多的价格成交。Helen辛勤努力的结果令我欣喜若狂,无庸置疑地,下次我搬家时一定会再度委托她,也乐于推荐她给任何需要杰出经纪的人。

Sandra and Bruce Bird

If you a looking for the complete package of professionalism, personalized attention, and an agent who is great to work with in every way, Helen Gao is the agent for you.

Helen’s dedication to her clients and experience in finance and real estate made us feel confident in our decisions - both buying and selling our home. Her expertise in the real estate market, her attention to detail and her desire to offer assistance in all aspects of purchasing and selling a home sets her apart.

Thank you Helen for being such a positive part of our big decisions – and for working so quickly to get our home sold so fast.

若您正在寻找专业化、个人精品化、以及合作起来相当愉悦的全套地产经纪服务,Helen Gao绝对是一个不二人选。



Lillian Ho and Bertran Chan

Dear Helen,

We meant every words we wrote.  You are professional and calm, always so nice to us.  You take time to explain things to us.  We even got a welcome gift!  Hope you can help us again for our next house buying!!  Thanks!

Campbell Froh May & Rice LLP, Katherine E. Ducey, Partner

I have had the pleasure of working with Helen on the sale of my mother’s townhouse on the west side of Vancouver.  I was very pleased and impressed with Helen’s professionalism, knowledge and integrity throughout the process.  While her advice and guidance throughout the process was invaluable, she did not force her views on me and allowed me to make decisions based on our family situation without any pressure from her.  I deal with a number of realtors in my profession as a lawyer and I would not hesitate to say that she is one of the best I have come across.  If you are buying or selling in Vancouver, I would not hesitate to recommend Helen.


Nicholas and Shona

Extremely pleased with Helen’s performance.

Given the current housing market and the time of year at which we were selling, it was nothing short of phenomenal that you were able to sell our condo in just over 2 weeks and close in under a month! Your knowledge of the area and your modern approach to marketing were just two of the reasons we chose to list with you. A huge thank you to you for your effort and dedication.



B & L Chan, Richmond BC

There are bad, average, good, and exceptional good realtors.  I've come across and worked with all of the above.  Helen is certainly the latter - an exceptionally good realtor that I've the fortune in working with, twice within a year. 

We were impressed by Helen's meticulous details, her vast knowledge of buildings, communities, and the market trends; and her integrity and professionalism.  We work with a realtor not because we want someone to do the transaction and paperwork, but as our representative, our advisor, and consultant.  Helen clearly excels in all of these roles.  In the process, we have gained a true friend.

Thank you Helen, you didn't just find us a house, you helped us to find our home!

我接触过形形色色的地产经纪,有不称职的,有一般般的,有服务好的,也有超一流的,而 Helen无疑是最后一种 -- 我有幸在一年之内两度选用的一位杰出的地产经纪。她对于细节的考究,对于建筑的深入认识,对于周边社区和市场动态的了解,以及她的专业操守,都给我们留下了深刻的印象。我们不仅仅需要一位经纪起草文书完成交易,而更多的是可以为我们提供专业咨询,给予建议,并代表我们跟对方协商,Helen 在这些方面的表现都超出了我们的预期,我们同时亦收获了真挚的友谊。多谢 Helen,你帮我们找到的不仅仅是房子,而是找到了一个家!衷心感谢!

Ross Davison and Brian Cooper

Harry Chu

This very satisfied home owner cannot thank Helen enough for her help through both the buying and selling process. Helen's knowledge of the industry coupled with her passion for helping clients made for a painless home transition. Helen sticks to the process and her clear communication style helped quell many of the anxieties and worries that arose during the buying process. Not only did I end up with a home, I gained a lot of valuable experience watching an experienced agent at work.

If you're looking for an agent who will work in your best interests in helping you achieve your home transition goals, Helen is the one for the job.

Again, a massive thank you Helen!

这位屋主非常满意 Helen 帮助他完成买卖两笔交易,并表示感激不尽:

Helen 对于地产行业有着资深认识,并热心帮助客户,令到整个房屋交收过程相当顺畅,Helen 坚守正确的流程及清晰的沟通方式,缓解了我在购买过程中出现的许多焦虑和担忧,我最终不仅仅购得新居,更从一位经验丰富的地产经纪身上学到了宝贵的知识。
如阁下希望找到一位地产经纪可以保障你的最佳利益,帮你顺利达至房屋买卖交收的目标,Helen 是你的不二人选。
再次向 Helen 致以万分谢意!

Jenny, Annie and Peter Tsai

Dear Prospective Home Buyers and Sellers,

Thank you for reading this! Buying or selling a home can be incredibly stressful and challenging. Then, having to search and choose from hundreds of realtors is even more overwhelming. For approximately six months, frustrations and anxiety kept piling up because my parents weren’t able to sell their properties as they weren’t getting enough viewings or serious buyers when it was first listed. Feeling hopeless and tremendously worried, we went on google search for a new realtor. Miraculously we found the perfect realtor agent from Remax Select Properties in Vancouver. If you are looking for a fantastic, approachable and top-notch realtor, then Helen Gao is the person to contact.

Helen is an outstanding, superb and supportive realtor. She is truly one of a kind; an absolutely phenomenal agent, advisor and consultant. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and deep gratitude to Helen for her
unwavering dedication and hardwork on our behalf throughout the process of selling my parents’ house and condo properties in Vancouver over the past several months. Many thanks also to Helen’s wonderful team at Remax Select Properties and her ancillary service partners. We were so fortunate to have found Helen when we needed a proficient and efficient realtor who had our best interest at heart, especially in the current challenging market which was significantly impacted by Covid 19 pandemic.

After a phone call with Helen, she scheduled an initial meeting with my parents. The first meeting allowed us to get to know her and vice-versa. She is highly experienced and professional realtor who exudes confidence and competence in her area of expertise. She was extremely patient, respectful, kind and took the time to explain the home selling process, answered all our questions and concerns. She was well-prepared and took note of our expectations as well. Her extensive network, knowledge of the Vancouver real estate market and familiarity of the local areas and its communities are an asset.

We were thoroughly impressed with her service. She provided us with tons information on the current market dynamics and trends, and gave us precise assessment and analysis of our properties. Most importantly, she provided realistic and sound advice on sale pricing, timing and presentation which ensured that the properties can be sold at a timely manner. Her unparalleled negotiation skills and strong marketing strategies are reassuring and appreciated. All the properties were sold within a week’s time after initial showings.

As our Realtor, Helen went above and beyond our expectations both in terms of assistance and professionalism. She made every step of the home selling process seamless and stress-free. In addition, she was hands on and took extra steps in preparing our home for sale making sure its presentable, brought in a professional photographer, and recommended excellent staging professionals. Her meticulous attention to details in all aspects is one of her great attributes. We were also blown away by the quality of the photographs taken for the online listings and pamphlets.

It was such a great joy and pleasure to work with Helen. She is personable, ethical, extremely responsive and communicates effectively with her clients and other parties. She navigated us throughout the whole selling process with ease, kept us informed regularly and provided honest and invaluable feedback, insights and advice without overpowering. She worked with us through all the challenges in selling our homes, gave us support and help from the very beginning to the end of closing process; and even followed up with us after.

It was a memorable journey for all of us. We felt Helen wasn’t just a realtor to us, she was like a friend and family throughout the entire journey; and now it is with great honour to call her our dear friend. She is amazing, passionate about her work and hands down the best in our opinion. In just a short period of time, feelings of despair and extreme anxiety have quickly dissipated from our lives. Helen brought back hope, smile, laughter and liberated my parents from financial stress and fatigue. Now we can all finally relax and my parents can retired peacefully.

It is with our immense pleasure to highly recommend Helen Gao as a realtor agent for any individual or family searching to sell their property or buy their ideal home. She is an epitome of a great and trustworthy realtor! If we ever need a realtor again, Helen will be the first and only choice. She made such a difference in our lives in a positive way.

Thanks again for everything from the bottom of our hearts Helen!

All the best to all the prospective buyers and sellers! We hope regardless of whether you are selling or buying a home, it can be a joyous and stress-free experience to you as well. May Helen be your choice of realtor that will lead you in finding your unique and ideal home.

Jenny, Annie and Peter Tsai

Roger & Midge Smith

To Whom It May Concern

Regarding Ms Helen  Gao - Realtor

My wife Midge and I had the very good fortune of having Helen Gao provide superb service in assisting us to sell our three level townhouse in Vancouver’s Arbutus Village and to purchase a one level condo nearby, also in Arbutus Village.

Helen provided this service for us in February and March, 2024. Through Helen’s very skilled and wide experience in buying and selling real estate properties we completed both our selling and buying properties in just over one month.

Helen was very respectful of us as seniors and always considered appointment times and efforts that may be required of us. She had an excellent contact with a designer/stager who made our property look outstanding, even though our townhouse is 50 years old.

It is clear that Helen knows the Vancouver real estate market extremely well. She has bought and sold properties in our strata complex of 75 units. She worked very carefully and respectfully with our two adult sons who were coordinating all aspects of the important life style changes that we were facing.

Our sons have extensive experience in the managing of real estate sales. Helen quickly understood that we as a family had an experienced team making decisions and advising us, as seniors, in matters of importance. Helen became a valued addition to our team. She is a good listener as well as a good advisor in assisting us to establish reasonable goals.

Helen impressed us from day one. She made an excellent presentation to our family team on how she would go about marketing our place. She had a flow chart which showed her skill in determining how she would proceed to work for us. She layed out week by week action and goals that she set for herself. We could immediately see that Helen is a seasoned real estate professional. We knew we were in good hands.

Helen and our two sons readily accepted her suggestion for a good asking price. She immediately set a date for an open house to get information out to the community, not only to the general public but also to her fellow realtors. She followed up with several private showings of our property.

Helen always communicate with us clearly on dates and times that she wished to bring potential buyers to our doorstep. Helen always politely requested permission to set a showing date. She was mindful that we as seniors required special consideration on times not too early in the morning, and not too late in the evening. You could say that Helen used a Goldilocks approach to assisting us very carefully.

After Helen secured an interesting offer from a client she quickly communicated with our family team members. With careful consideration of an appropriate counter offer Helen handled delicate negotiations very skillfully. Helen always received advice from our two sons carefully and respectfully and of course was always mindful of how my Midge and I felt about the vital financial decisions being proposed.

After we settled on a good offer to accept, Helen was already laying the groundwork for step two - the location and purchase of a condo that would meet our needs. It was through her diligence that she very quickly found a property that she knew would be of interest to us. We had the good fortune that both me and one of our sons had specific knowledge of the building under consideration.

Helen communicated very quickly with the selling agent that she had a client - us - that had shown strong interest in this newly listed property. She performed magnificently in bringing this property to our attention, and with her valuable experience she was able to bring the negotiations to fruition for us to purchase the property.

We have no hesitation in recommending Helen Gao as a top notch realtor who gets results for her client.

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